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Infrared Heated Pet Pad by Durasage for Indoor Pet Beds, Adjustable Temperature 86-113 Degrees, Chew Resistant, Water Resistant, Adjustable Time 1-9 hours – Dogs/Cats

SKU: MHP-E1220_PetPad

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  • INFRARED HEAT: Utilizing Infrared technology instead of a traditional heating element.

  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPS: Adjustable temperatures from (86℉ - 113℉)

  • DURABLE: PVC material is durable, water resistant, fire resistant and easy to clean

  • LCD CONTROLLER: LCD Controller with adjustable timer (1 - 9 Hours)

  • MEDIUM AREA: Medium Sized Area: 15.5" x 12" with 13-foot power cable


Use this infrared heated pet pad to keep your pet warm for those cold nights or in cold rooms. Perfect for Puppies, Kittens, Senior Pets, Arthritic Pets, Pregnant Pets, New Born Pets and Pets recovering from surgery. You can place this under their pet bed so it will keep them extra warm when needed. Completely adjust the temperature and the time with the LCD controller.

Our product designed with adjustable levels of heat and time for fully customizable comfort. Made of fire resistant PVC, this pad is durable and water resistant as well. Please note: this product is meant for indoor use only and cannot be rolled up when turned on.

-Adjustable temperatures from (86℉ - 113℉)

-Adjustable time from 1-9 hours of heat, remaining time shows on the controller.

-Unique infrared design which cycles on and off to save energy at the same time provides accurate temperature.

-Simply plug in the device set your settings on the controller and press start.

-Water-Resistant Heating Pad

-Simply wipe the pet pad with a damp cloth

-13-foot extension power cable

Model MHP-E1220_PetPad
Dimensions Specifications:

Included: MHP-E1220, Wired Handheld Controller, Power Unit
Dimensions: W 15.5" x D 12" x H .5"
Power: AC 110-120V
Wattage: 28W
Weight: 2.2 LBS
Model No: MHP-E1220
In Depth <p><span>Specifications:</span></p>
<li>Included: MHP-E1220, Wired Handheld Controller, Power Unit</li>
<li>Dimensions: W 15.5" x D 12" x H .5"</li>
<li>Power: AC 110-120V</li>
<li>Wattage: 28W</li>
<li>Weight: 2.2 LBS</li>
<li>Model No: MHP-E1220</li>
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