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Portable FAR Infrared Ceramic Dome Sauna


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Temperature can be adjusted
ACF Technology - Active Carbon Fiber Heating Elements & Bio-Ceramic Heaters
Adjustable control for temperature & time
360° degree of FIR (FAR INFRARED) heat
Easy to set up, maintain and store /Uses very little electricity


Sauna Dome - FIR FAR Infrared 360 Degree Surround Healing Dry Heat. Carbon Panels and Ceramic Heater - Portable and Lightweight! Easy to Set Up! Lying Down, Relax; Enjoy The Total 360° Degree Surround of FIR (FAR INFRARED) heat.

Keeping the head outside and cool while lying down is the optimal way to get the most benefits of far infrared heat with the least discomfort. Very comfortable, covers entire body except your head.

The advantage of the Far Infrared, FIR sauna over a conventional sauna. Traditional saunas can heat up to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit which can be harmful to your body. Because far infrared rays are part of the sunlight spectrum, they provide more benefits at lower temperatures. With far infrared rays, at just 100 degrees Fahrenheit you'll sweat up to 3 times more than you would in a traditional 200 degree sauna.

Is an Infrared Sauna Safe to use?
Yes, because it is the same as the natural heat from the Sun there are no adverse effects, in fact unlike sunlight a Far Infrared heater panel does not emit harmful Ultraviolet rays. In some Hospitals newborn babies are kept warm by using Infrared heat. If you have any doubts or you are receiving medical treatment always consult with your Health Professional before using the Sauna.

What should you wear when using an Infrared Sauna?
Bathing clothes are recommended for use in the Sauna but you can wear shorts and a Tee shirt if you want. Make sure that you always take a towel into the Sauna with you, this will assist in keeping you comfortable and at the same time will ensure that the Sauna inside is kept clean.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This product is not a medical device . These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases. If a condition persists, contact a doctor. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product.
Model FDIS-486
Dimensions Dimensions:
Dome: 71"x29.5"x19" (180cm x 75cm x 48cm)
Heating blanket: 39" x 25.5" (100cm x 65cm)
Heater: 9.6" x 6" x 7.5" (24cm x 15cm x 19cm)
Floor Mat: 77.6" x 35.4" (197cm x 90cm)
Bag: 34.6" x 8.6" x 19.7" (88cm x 22cm x 50cm)
Voltage: AC 100-120V, 50/60HZ.
Power Cord: Plug to controller 8.8 ft; Controller to Heater 8.8 ft (250cm)
Weight: 20.9 lb (9.5kg)
In Depth Contents:
Sauna tent
Heating pad
Air pillow
Air pump
Floor mat

110 Volt Power Source

Always consult a doctor prior to using exercise equipment.

If you have open wounds, you should consult your doctor before use.

Temperature Settings The temperature can be adjusted (Max 140 F)
Timer Settings Each press adds 5 minute increments
Gross Weight 20.9 lb (9.5kg)
Power 800 watts
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