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Frisby FS-2125U USB Powered Wooden Vinyl Design 2.0 CH 3.5mm Stereo Speakers for Office Desktop Computers and Laptops

SKU: FS-2125U

Availability: In stock

Volume control: with ease you can turn the volume up or down
Compatible: compatible with pretty much any device that has an open USB port and a 3.5 mm port
Compact: small enough to bring these with you in your laptop bag or backpack
Design: designed to utilize the space within the product to enhance the audio


Frisby FS-2125U is a USB speaker system redefines your listening experience. It provides smooth and accurate sound for any computer with powerful 6 Watt rated RMS Power. The Speaker System does not require a wall power outlet, it receives power directly from your computer or laptop's USB port. Revel in a speaker system without sacrificing performance and extra space. Unique wooden vinyl design looks great and adds a touch of vintage with modern. Compatible with all type of PC models, or laptops. Simply plug and play, no driver installation is required. The system is complete, comes with all necessary cables, and accessories to hook your speaker system up to your computer, or laptop. The speaker system is magnetically shielded to provide the greatest protection against sound distortion you might receive from a screen nearby.
In Depth Contents: Frisby FS-2125U Speakers in Original Retail Packing (System comes with USB Cable) Requirements: USB Port 3.5 mm Audio Jack Windows 98, XP, ME, VISTA, 7, 8, 10.
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