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Frisby FNC-30P Quiet Laptop Cooler with Blue LED


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Plastic laptop fan convenient and reliable to cary
Directly powered from USB line
700-1400 RPM USB Powered 160mm fan
No driver needed for installation. Plug and Play
Reduces overall temperature of your notebook to improve performance
Super air flow and very comfortable to use.
Very low noise and super heat cooling function
Support to 15" & wide screen laptop


Overheating laptops are a bigger problem than most people realize, as heat reduces system stability and harms the lifespan of your electronics. To combat this problem, you need Frisby FNC-30P Notebook Cooler! Increasing the cooling your laptop gets can help it last longer, and may reduce or even eliminate system crashes. Perfect for all netbooks and notebooks that have an available USB port.

FNC-30P has 160mm fan with blue led light. The fan turns at 700-1400 RPM which cools laptop and it reaches the real performance.

The cooler is made of ABS plastic . ABS plastic has fireproof. It is powered by 5V USB. USB powered devices consume very little energy, so you can even use the cooler while your laptop is working on its battery. It comes with the USB cable in order to connect from your computer to cooler.
Model FNC-30P
Brand Frisby
In Depth Contents:
USB cable.

USB 5V input

Spec. Name Spec. Value Note
Size 320 x 270 x 55 mm
Material ABS plastic
Bearing Sleeve Sleeve Bearing
Rated Voltage and current 5V and 0.15A
Fan Dimesnsion 160 mm
Fan Speed 700-1400 RPM
Compatibility 10-15 "
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